Pricing & Amenities

Why Choose Us?

Limited Membership

We don't want our customers to feel voercrowded or pushed out. This is especially when it comes to strength training and cardio workouts, where you need additional space.

Great Customer Service

We have qualified and supportive staff, who are always at hand to assist you at all times. They are knowledgeable and create a welcoming environment that will keep our members motivated.

Certified Trainers

We have certified personal trainers who are willing to work one on one with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.


The floor plan is well laid out, making it easy to move around the room and find what you are looking for. Also, all cables of the training equipment are centrally located, making it easy to find whichever cable you are looking for.

luxurious locker rooms

We have some of the largest lockers in town. You will get a large towel to use. You will also be given a shampoo, conditioner and body wash. There is also a changing area, where you can change before and after exercising or showering.


Cleanliness is a top priority. We sanitize all equipment after every three hours using disinfectant wipes. Members are also offered towels, which they can use to clean up with after using equipment and after working out.

Membership Options

Please note that all additional Family members are $80/per person.

Month to Month

$ 115 per month
  • $124.49 w/ tax


$ 109 per month
  • $117.99 w/ tax
    $353.98 total


$ 100 per month
  • $108.25 w/ tax
    $649.50 total


$ 95 per month
  • $1,02.84 w/ tax
    $1,140 total

Annual (PIF)

$ 90 per month
  • 10% off enrollment when you pay in full!
  • $1,169.10 w/ tax

In-House Personal Training Rates

Please note that all partner session rates are time and a half. Independent Contractor rates may vary.

Half Hour

$ 55 per hour

Single Session

$ 100 per hour

10 sessions

$ 90 per hour

15 sessions

$ 85 per hour

20 sessions

$ 80 per hour

Enjoy the amenities!

Private entrance/parking

Limited Membership (capped)

Precor cardio Equipment

(Personal LCD with Cable TV for every machine!!)

Luxurious locker rooms

Includes a Digital Locker System (No Pad Lock Required), Private Showers, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Plush Hand and Shower Towels

Ready to get started? lets go!

We like to pay attention to our customers and watch them grow. This means more time with the exercise machines, more attention from our gym instructors and more space while working out or while in the shower. If you are looking for private gyms Houston, Texas to join, there is only one name to keep in mind – River Oaks Gym.